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Seafood &  Related Products

 Specialising in Crumbed & Battered Seafood.

with Indigenous flavors 


Our story

As a proud Gunditjmara man and owner of Black Fish, I share my mobs story.  Gunditjmara people are eel fishers and eel farmers – a tradition passed down from their Elders and enshrined across their wetland landscapes in the form of ancient and elaborate stone-walled fish trapping and aquaculture facilities – Budj Bim. This fishery is part of oral history with many families having many stories of fishing from the region's waterways. The fishery fed families and provided an income. Grandfathers always had a bag of eels to sell at pubs in the district. As in the past, today's fishery includes other fish such as Toupon, Blackfish and Mountain Trout.  Fish are caught in wire mesh traps, either box traps or funnel-shaped traps, and fyke nets similar in form to traditional woven basket traps. As in the past, fishing involves detailed knowledge of the seasonal cycle of water flows and fish activities and movements.


2019 Budj Bim Cultural Landscape in southwest Victoria was accepted onto the World Heritage List


Nothing brings a community together like a feed.  With the long history my mob has within fisheries, it was a fitting match to offer quality seafood through our Black Fish range. 

What We Do

•Black Fish’s process which has been developed to meet the growing demand of discerning customers who want natural seafood products.

•Our method ensures that only the batter or crumbs are cooked, leaving the product raw inside.  The main benefit of this unique process is that the underlying food is only cooked once, not reheated, which retains the moisture and freshness when fully cooked in the market place. 

•There is also a marked reduction in oil absorption.

•We aim to source local product, ensuring support of our local community.  Customers can expect a reliable product in consistency of quality and reliability.

•A range of Australian Natural Indigenous bush Herbs & Spices added to the Batter or crumbs.

•We Service hotels, clubs, restaurants, canteens, aged care, schools and remote accommodation.


The benefits of Black Fish products include:

•Produced in Australia

•Chef ready – you cook the product for the first time thereby retaining all the moisture and flavor.

•Hand cut, Chef Prepared and natural products – not formed like our competitors.

•Light and crispy batter and crumbs.

•We offer Indigenous Bush Themed Flavored Batters

•Eliminates kitchen labor costs.

•Great portion control with NO wastage.

•Year round availability.

Cooks From Frozen

Indigenous Bush Themed Flavored Batters

•Lemon Myrtle

•Wattle Seed

•Mountain Pepper Leaf

•Native Lemon Pepper

•Pepper Berry Native

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